Hainbach - Schwebungssummer

Schwebungssummer (Official Music Video) exorcises early 90s memories of a recurring false awakening, followed by a headfirst float towards a dark portal. Therefore, images search for the uncanny in the park, the near autobahn tunnel or the canal. Shot as a constant zoom, this visual is highlighted by classic rotoscope sequences and 2D-animations. Absorbed by ordinary objects, like a loop, entering scenario after scenario; and this incredible need to repeat. It is a hybrid of references to Ralph Bakshi’s early movies, infused by Freud's concept of repetition compulsion (German: Wiederholungszwang). All for a hypnotic song by Hainbach that is named after a beat frequency oscillator.​​​​​​​
Directed and edited by Nani Gutiérrez
Director of Photography: Julian Moser
Music by Hainbach
Produced by Felix Moser