HAINBACH x ORCA < live visuals >

Based out of Berlin, Germany, electro-acoustic music composer and performer Hainbach (Opal Tapes, Seil Records) creates shifting audio landscapes THE WIRE called "One hell of a trip". Using esoteric synthesizers, test equipment, magnetic tape and idiophones his music is both abstract yet very much a corporal experience. He has become known for his immersive live performances, which are accompanied by the digital art of Orca. Berlin based Nani Gutiérrez aka Orca has become a long term collaborator for Hainbach's visual concept. Her digitally drawn videos let bodies emerge into fast loops with GIF aesthetics. Movements taken from public videos are diverted and become compositions that show an unspeakable side of thought.

11.05.19 Dadamachines x Agency& Labelparty - Acud Macht Neu
24.04.19 False Industries label night Vol 2 - Arkaoda Berlin
20.11.18 Die Digitale Düsseldorf - Berger Kirche
Bad Stream + Hainbach - Kantine am Berghain
19.10.18 Bad Stream + Hainbach - Uebel und Gefährlich
05.05.18 Look Mum No Computer + Hainbach - KINDL Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst
28.10.17 Antime presents - Urban Spree
Antime presents - Urban Spree
10.12.16 Shrines - Record Release Party - KINDL Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst
21.08.15 Basic Electricity #16 - Lichtblick Kino
06.12.14 The Heat - Record Realease Party - Del Rex