HAINBACH < artworks >
ASSERTION < album cover + making of + vinyl design >
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OLD SUNS < album cover + micro-cassette design >
SENSES < album cover >
CODEX < album cover >
SHRINES < album cover + cassette design > <sand, polymer clay, dry ice, soap, water, carton >
Miasmatic < videoclip> <sand, polymer clay, dry ice, soap, water, carton >
Written, directed and edited by Nani Gutiérrez, 2016.
Camera and Light by Julian Moser
Co-production by Felix Moser
Filmed at LUX&ASA

Best Music Video

Official Selection
backup - Film and Media Art Festival. Weimar
Portland Unknown Film Festival
HorrorQuest Film Festival. Atlanta
ASHES < album cover + cassette design >
Song of the Sea < videoclip> < digital drawings >
Written, directed and edited. 2014.

Official Selection​​​​​​​
FIBER Festival, Amsterdam
Fake Flesh Film Fest, Kamloops