[citation needed] < video installation >
Music by Hainbach

The idea of verifiability seems necessary and somehow promising in the Digital Age. Wikipedia editor Ta bu shi da yu, created the “citation needed” template in 2006, to question the source of a text. Since then it is used by Wikipedia editors, critical researchers and activists against misinformation and fake news. The phrase itself became an Internet meme in 2007.

The project [citation needed] plays with the idea of creating easy-made mottos and inspirational quotes. Therefore the ongoing animated series of videos offers ambiguous reflections towards existence.

Influenced by the aesthetics of GIFs the videos show digitally drawn, genderless bodies, animated around 3 statements which are open to be cross-examined as well. [citation needed] tries to question not just the beliefs of the others, by pointing out the need of citation, but more so put a critical view on knowledge. Standard beliefs and generalized explications for complex structures are questioned as well as faith in oracles giving “theoretical answers to rhetorical questions”.