After Effects Intro (oriented to illustrators)
Workshop by Nani Gutiérrez in Berlin

After Effects is a software program used for animating graphics and making visual effects; a perfect way to give life to your drawings and/or pictures and add effects to your film. This course will enable you to learn the basics of 2D computer based animation and is a good start for anyone wanting to become an animator or work in the film industry as a post-producer. We will go from understanding the interface to rendering a video.

– 6 classes x 3hrs

– Introduction: video examples, channels + alpha, formats supported (audio, image, video)
– Settings and preferences + Interface
– Compositions: importing files, creating new compositions, manage them
– Layers and timeline
– Ram Preview
– Basic properties: anchor point, position, scale, rotation and transparency
– Keyframes: types and handling
– Motion path
– Masks
– Shape layer
– Puppet tool
– Parenting
– Sequence layers
– Audio
– Text tool
– Rendering

– Laptop (recommended with mouse or tablet)
– After Effects and Photoshop CS6 installed


Place: Close to S-Bahn Neukölln. (Exact location by email.)

Next starting date:

Register by email: holaorca(at)

Final course project >
Note: 1. This is a video that you will be able to do during class. This same principles in animating can be applied to make more complex 2D animation if you can invert more time and dedication. 2. All drawings will be given.

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